Monday, February 3, 2014

Pucker Up

It's February! It seems like January literally flew by---not that I am complaining since it was way too cold for most of the month. Did anyone watch the Super Bowl? I didn't really care for either team in it, so I rooted for the team whose colors I liked better. I think I should always pick winners based on this method since the Seahawks aka the team with the better colors killed the Broncos. As for the commercials, which is the real reason why I always watch, I loved the #BestBuds Budweiser puppy commercial, the GoldieBox one, and the America the Beautiful Coke one. What were your favorite commercials?

I have been on a major beauty kick lately and I have been LOVING dark bold lipstick. I think it just makes such a great statement. While I still love wearing a bright lipstick every now and then, it just doesn't feel right when the temperature has literally been in the negatives. I say that now and watch in two weeks, I'll only be wearing brights again.

Get the look:

Has anyone else been attracted to dark lipsticks lately?

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