Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Reading

How is it that the shortest weeks often feel the longest? This weekend is all about relaxation for me, especially since next weekend is shaping up to be jam packed between the Super Bowl, a Broadway show, and my bff finally being back in town. Also, anytime is snows is an excuse for me to stay inside. Here are just a few things I loved this week:

Watch: Jimmy Fallon plays Lip Flip with Jennifer Aniston

Cook: How delicious do these pizza bites look?!

Shop: This lace dress is perfect for summer

Obsessed: Illustration of all Carrie Bradshaw's shoes

Read: Cleaning tips for lazy people (aka me)

Buy: Lipstick that will not budge or need reapplication

Buy: This dainty bracelet set

Watch: Ellen plays Never Have I Ever

View: Inside look at Lauren Bacall's apartment

Read: How to survive Mercury in retrograde

Shop: These adorable sandals


  1. I will so be implementing the cleaning tips for lazy people. I hope you had a great weekend.

  2. I liked the Jimmy Fallon clip :)