Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Dressed: Ocsars

I apologize in advance if any of my picks for best dressed at the Oscars seem a bit loopy. It's what happens when you are dying a slow death from a sinus infection and watching the Oscars.

I will say that I found most of the dresses just kinda ehhh or not quite right for the Oscars (Anna Kendrick would have been on this list if only her dress was another color). There was only a small handful of attendees that I thought were absolute perfection (the worst dressed list is twice as long). Here are the best dressed winners in my opinion.

Emma Stone is always one of my favorites. At this point I am pretty even if she wore a paper bag, I would love it. She exudes old Hollywood glamour in this chartreuse Elie Saab gown. Emma is simply glowing in this color and it complements her hair so well.

Lupita Nyong’o has finally redeemed herself this award show season. I am so glad she nailed this look in a Calvin Klein Collection custom pearl and ivory beaded dress. There were over 6,000 pearls on this dress!! She literally looks like a goddess.

Jennifer Aniston easily has a better body than me and it really shows in this stunning Versace dress. The color, fit, and details are all perfect on her. I have been rewatching Friends on Netflix and her hair is always flawless and it's not exception here. It's really not fair.

Reese Witherspoon has had a very good award season this year in terms of dresses. She looks effortlessly chic in this modern Tom Ford dress. It really goes to show that sometimes less is more.

I would like to come back as Margot Robbie in my next life. This Saint Laurent dress is simply exquisite on her. I am beyond obsessed with the sheer sleeves of the dress. Not to mention her Van Cleef & Arpelsis necklace is just perfection with the dress. I have to keep telling myself I will not look like Margot if I go and cut my hair like her's. Overall perfection.


  1. I agree with you on all counts! These leading ladies looked all oscar worthy. Saint Laurent also killed it last night!

  2. i thought emma stone and jennifer aniston looked impeccable!! wow! :D

    have a great week!
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  3. Beautiful dresses.

  4. I'm with you! Even the ''best'' dressed seemed more casual or plain. I wanted jaw dropping maybe I'm just picky..or mean. ha! I loved J.Lo's look!

    God bless,
    Xo, Claire

  5. great picks! I love emma stones dress! so fab!

  6. Emma Stone was at the top of my list!

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