Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is another public service announcement. Run to your local target (or be lazy like me and use target.com) to buy this amazing steal of a bar cart! I was on the hunt for forever for a bar car as I could not justify spending $400+ on one (sorry, Society Social Bar Carts) and I swear there were no cute ones in existence. Then the great Target gods answered my wishes and brought back their hugely popular Threshold Gold Bar Cart for me. Let's just say it doesn't stay in stock long as it was available for a few weeks over the summer but it quickly sold out. So like I said run, don't walk to your nearest Target. 
Also I can attest to how perfect this bar cart is for both serving guests during events as well as being used for storage space (and as everyone in tiny apartments knows, you can always use more storage space). The only finishing touches needed for it are some great wine glasses, highball glasses, and paper straws and let the entertaining begin.

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  1. Oh my, target here I come. I have been wanting a bar cart so badly but like you I have been refusing to hand over 400 - 500 $.