Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Color Me Tuxedo

Once I get start traveling, I never want to stop. I am seriously itching to now go on another trip--one where I do more than just lie on the beach all day (not that I minded since I needed that). The nice thing about traveling is that it gives you lots of time to think while you are waiting at the airport and on the airplane. While I was on the plane I mentally started planning out what I want my fall/winter to look like. Lately, I've been drawn to tuxedo-like suits for women and fitted blazers to make an otherwise casual outfit chic.

While I am not loving the sudden fall-like weather since I want to squeeze the last remains out of summer, I am looking forward to fall fashions.  

Have you planned your fall wardrobes yet?

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  1. haha that's good use of layover time! and i LOVE these tuxedo suits, they're crazy chic. i love them so much more than just regular suits because they have such an interesting shape to them. i'm definitely wanting one for my fall wardrobe, too!

    xo marlen
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  2. Loving these outfit-inspirational pics! And I totally agree, holidays are the best thinking time! I hope you enjoyed a well-deserved break <3


  3. So chic! Really liking the grey one. And I love thinking while traveling; always much needed.
    xoxo Aimee

  4. I am the same way, I always start thinking of what Im going to wear or post on the blog. Tuxedo's are super cute, and I need to get myself one.


  5. All these looks are super hot, you have given me lots of ideas for fall!!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken