Thursday, June 27, 2013

Am I on the Sun or Manhattan?

Well it really is summer in NYC now. If you have never experienced a summer in NYC, then you are quite lucky. It is absolutely miserable. You basically want to shower again the second you step outside because of the oppressive humidity. It is crucial to dress in breezy light dresses, sandals, minimum jewelry, and carry a light bag otherwise you will end up as a puddle on the street.

 Also, I can't believe it is almost July. Crazy how fast this summer is going by.

necklace dress sunglasses sandals clutch


  1. Beautiful necklace and sandals! x

  2. Ah soooo true and is of the reasons I moved west a decade ago but have since moved back to NY but oh yeah it is amazing how some place so far north and that is so cold in the winter can turn in to the tropics in the summer all that warm by warm I mean HOT moist air that comes up from the south and just sits over us for three months. Ugh.

    Yuppers I bought two more light sheer dresses this week and that striped dress is perfect.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  3. Great look! So lovely:)

  4. Love this look! We have the most horrible weather this time of the year and it's super cold. Maybe you guys can send some sun to Europe and we'll send you some cold weather. That way everyone's happy, haha!



  5. I too can not believe it's almost July...crazy! But I hate to disagree...I think summer in NYC is magical! You are so very lucky!

  6. beautiful necklace.hanks for stopping by on my blog, come see me on Inside Me

  7. Nice selection :)


    Coline ♡