Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Guide Tuesday

Central Park is hands down one of my favorite places in NYC. I highly recommend visiting some or all of the following: the Boat House, Bethesda Fountain, Alice in Wonderland sculpture, Belvedere Castle, Wollman Park, the Children's Zoo, Sheep's Meadow, and Strawberry Fields. You won't regret spending the whole day here.

The MET (and other museums):
Pretend you are in Gossip Girl and eat lunch on the steps of the Met, or better yet go inside and see the amazing art stored inside. It's possible to spend the whole day in the Met and still not see one complete wing of it. Other museums to visit:  The Guggenheim, The Museum of Natural History, and The Frick.

This place is perfect for any candy lover. It's like stepping into Willy Wonka's Factory with every type of candy imaginable. I highly recommend visiting when you are not hungry.

One of my favorite parks in NYC. Every summer, they screen free movies once a week at night. Then in winter, it literally turns into a Winter Wonderland complete with a skating rink, pop-up stores, and an outside bar. Also The New York Public Library (where Carrie was supposed to get married) is adjacent to Bryant Park, which always warrants a visit. 

Without a doubt the best views of the city. A must see for anyone new or old to NYC. 

See where the Today Show films and where 30 Rock took place. In the winter, you can also see the famous Christmas tree and watch people attempt to skate.

Time Square:
Not my personal favorite, but everyone needs to visit Times Square at least once in their lifetime. I do recommend going to the Marriott Hotel in Times Square and visiting the Broadway Lounge to grab food and see the best views of Times Square.

You should definitely get tickets to see a Broadway show while in NYC. When you are in Times Square, visit the TKTS booth to get discount tickets to the shows.

Coming soon: NYC: Shopping and NYC: Eats
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  1. I'm beyond inspired to travel to NYC and visit all of these amazing places! Funny that you mention Gossip Girl because I've been watching all of the seasons in order recently and have grown THAT much more in love with the city! Currently planning a trip there as we speak. ;)

    1. Thanks!! Let me know if you have any questions about NYC. I'm more than happy to answer anything :)

  2. Obviously I live here and have been to all of these places, but this makes me want to go be a tourist on my own city again!